No 2: Fashion Dilemma: The Undergarment Tug

Elle Calloway here again, with a brilliantly horrific rendition of today’s events. You should know, first, that I’m a sophomore in high school. Today I decided to wear one a large off-white sweater, pairing it with a pair of thick brown leggings, a matching off-white beanie with a self-attached red bow, and navy blue fuzzy moccasins. The only problem? The Rue 21 leggings were a little odd about their sewing and I had to tug the hemline up. In doing so, the leggings sagged a little. No problem; my sweaters long, it’ll cover it up right? Wrong. It covered it up, but tugged my erm, undergarments down slightly.

Now I hate to talk about something so crude like this, but I don’t want it to happen to anyone else. So, Elle Calloway rule No 1: Make sure your undergarments are NEVER in danger of falling down. Because it’s totally embarrassing. It also didn’t help that I’m on my period. Anyway, other than that, my day went pretty smoothly, well, that and my math test- which I’m pretty sure I didn’t so so well on.

Hopefully, your day went better than mine in terms of embarrassing situations,


Elle Calloway


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