No 4: Concerning Dogs, Cats & Comical Incidents Involving Important Papers

Elle Calloway here, and currently, my dog is trying to sit on a bunch of garbage bags in my living room full of clothes. Earlier, he was trying to stick his head in them. Note: he is insane. A lot of dogs are. My cat is also crazy, as she randomly chases her tail around and throws herself off of tables she’s not supposed to be on to swat at invisible things in the air we can’t see as humans. Like I said, crazy.

Concerning Comical Incidents Involving Important Papers…well, yesterday, at a Robotics Meeting only about 10 of the 30 people on the team showed up because everyone had thought the meeting had been canceled. Regardless, most of the Marketing team (Faith and I showed up, Matt did not) were there, so we got to work immediately, sending out thank you letters to companies that sponsored our team. To make it more professional, we personalized our own computer-generated stationary, signed it with a pen, had personalized envelopes, the whole she-bang. As we were finishing up, with Zack from Web Design helping us out, we shredded the papers we made mistakes on. I handed a few mess-ups to Fernando from Mechanical because he, for some reason, likes holding the papers to his mouth and making that ripping sound without actually ripping the papers. He did so, and then I shredded them because they were useless. Zack had signed a a few as well that we hadn’t messed up on, and they were just sitting on the corner of the desk so I handed them to Fernando, figuring why not let him have his fun? And so, pfft! pfft! pfft! He made that godforsaken ripping nose. pfft! pfft! rip! Then, he’d actually ripped the papers.

“We needed those!” I had whisper-yelled, because Jill, one of the adult mentors, and Faith, another member of our Marketing team, were a foot away, reprinting the previous papers we’d messed up on.

WHAT?!” He’d whisper-yelled right back, eyes wide as anything.

“We needed those papers!” I repeated. This went on for a few more seconds.

Naturally, I’d started cracking up so hard I couldn’t breath. I do that sometimes. I know, it’s weird. Regardless, I tried to explain what had happened in between laughter. Faith had laughed as well, Zack had witnessed the whole thing in chuckles, and Jill had cracked a grin. I’d told Fernando that’d I had yet another thing to consistently remind him of, the first being his crush on me in 5th grade (another story for another blog post). And before you guys say anything about Fernando and I, you should know that he’s dating one of my best friends, Elise, and that I like this Freshmen guy who I will not name. Ya’ know, just in case.

I hope I humored you decently, until next time,


Elle Calloway

P.S Thank you guys so much for viewing/liking/following! You have no idea how happy I was to learn that I got at least one view/follow/like within one day of making this blog, and a couple hours of posting my previous posts. Seriously guys, you’re awesome.


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