No 5: TV Shows, T.G.I.F, & Winter Break

Hey guys, Elle here, sorry for the break. But onto other things- concerning TV: Walking Dead premiered it’s Season 5 Midseason Finale 2 weeks ago and Once Upon A Time’s is this week. I just finished all the episodes of Teen Wolf last week. Or, in other words: I HAVE NOTHING TO WATCH!

So I was thinking, why not ask you guys? Wanna just chat about cool tv shows? In the past few minutes I’ve realized that both NBC’s Community and MTV’s Awkward. are potential candidates for such binge-watching, but I’m gonna need more than that- this has to keep me entertained until February when the other half of AMC’s The Walking Dead comes out. So bring on the recommendations people!

Concerning T.G.I.F: Thank God It’s Friday. ‘Cause I couldn’t endure school yet another day this week.

Concerning Winter Break: I have a Winter Bucket List…that I’ve done basically nothing on, but I have one, and I will try. I’ll post re-tellings of my adventures here to keep you guys entertained.

Sidenote: What’s Shallow Hal (2001) with Jack Black and Gwyneth Paltrow on the scale?


Elle Calloway


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